Peruvian wins gold in athletics and is crowned champion in Spain: 1 second less and she beat the fastest woman in the world

In the dynamic and exciting world of youth athletics, Cayetana Chirinos Asalde has stood out not only for her innate talent, but also for her unique story of dual nationality and love for two homelands. Born in Madrid on January 26, 2008, Cayetana came into the world in a cold winter in this European country, but surrounded by the warm affection of a Peruvian family eager to welcome her.

First place representing Spain. Photo: Official Legacy of Peru

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Cayetana Chirinos: Spanish and Peruvian nationality

The 16-year-old teenage athlete, Cayetana Chirinos, is a Spanish citizen, thanks to her place of birth, and of Peruvian nationality, because her parents were born in this country, which is why she has been able to compete at the highest sporting levels both in Spain, under the aegis of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, and in her beloved Peru, a country she considers her home and where her first dreams in athletics were forged.

On her website, this athlete happily comments: “I love Spain, I have very good friends as if they were my family and I feel at home every time I go there, but I also love Peru, my family is here, I grew up here and my dreams in athletics began to grow here,” which infers that she denotes gratitude and passion for both cultures that have shaped her.

Gold winner in athletics in 100 meters flat

At the Malaga City Stadium, Cayetana Chirinos He left an indelible mark by clocking 11.79 secondsa highly competitive women's category, marking a new personal milestone in her sporting career. Under the banner of the Méliz Sport Sports Club, the Peruvian demonstrated absolute dominance in the final and beat the leading Spanish sprinters in her group.

Elene Arrazola and Nagore Gabarain completed the podium with times of 11.82 and 11.84 seconds, respectively. In a thrilling race, seven of the eight finalists crossed the finish line in less than 12 seconds.

From the elimination rounds, the young Peruvian athlete showed a solid performance, recording 11.90 seconds in the heats and 11.79 seconds in the semi-finals, thus equalling her national under-18 record, despite being 16 years old. Her consistency and determination were again evident in the final, as she secured her second victory as national champion in the 100m event in Spain.

Cayetana's new national record. Photo: Peruvian Athletics Sports Federation

Cayetano Chirinos: looking to the future

This milestone represents a crucial moment in the sporting career of Chirinos, who, at the age of 16, already has impressive achievements, including the title of U18 Ibero-American champion in 2023 and an outstanding participation in the 2024 Bolivarian Youth Games.

Looking ahead, she has exciting challenges ahead of her, starting with the upcoming South American U20 Athletics Championships, scheduled for July 12-14 at the Videna Athletics Stadium. Later in August, she hopes to shine on the world stage during the World U20 Athletics Championships.

In April 2024, at the U20 Bolivarian Games, the Peruvian won the bronze medal in 100 m. Photo: Cayetana Chirinos athlete/Instagram

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Cayetana Chirinos' achievements

Despite her young age, Cayetana has accumulated impressive sporting achievements, including multiple medals and national records in various categories. Her innate talent and dedication have catapulted her as one of the brightest promises on the international youth sports scene, representing both Spain and Peru in various official tournaments.

Who is the fastest woman in the world in 100 meters?

In the women's category,Florence Griffith JoynerShe is the fastest woman, having clocked 10.49 seconds: one second less than Cayetana.

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