Industriales vs. Pinar del Río LIVE, Tele Rebelde: time of game 1 for the semifinal of the National Series

Industriales vs. Pinar del Rio LIVE They will face each other this Wednesday, July 10, for game 1 of the semifinal of the 63rd National Baseball Series in Cuba, broadcast on Rebel TV. The Lions of the capital and the Veguerostwo of the most iconic teams on the island, face each other in an exciting and high-quality series in the fight for a place in the grand final. The action starts at 2:00 pm (Cuban time) at the Capitán San Luis Stadium and La República Deportes will bring you the FREE ONLINE coverage.

Pinewood of the riverwho are looking to break their title drought that dates back to the 53rd National Series, have just beaten Sancti Spitirus, led by figures such as Alexei Ramírez, William Saavedra and Yaser Julio González. On the other hand, Industrialistswhich brings with it historic players such as Yasmany Tomás and Juan Carlos Torriente, is coming off a historic 4-3 comeback win over Santiago de Cuba, and will try to end a 14-year streak without lifting the trophy.

What time does Industriales vs. Pinar del Río play for the National Series?

The first meeting of Industrialists vs. Pinar del Rio The first game will be played at 2:00 pm (Cuban time) on Wednesday, July 10. This initial game will take place at the iconic Estadio Capitán San Luis in Pinar del Río, a venue that has seen great moments in Cuban baseball. Check the schedules in other countries:

  • Cuba, USA (Miami), Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Chile: 2.00 pm
  • Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, USA (Chicago, Texas): 1.00 pm
  • Mexico (center), Nicaragua, El Salvador: 12.00 pm
  • Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil: 3.00 pm
  • USA (Los Angeles, Las Vegas), Mexico (Pacific): 11.00 am
  • Spain (mainland), Italy, France: 8.00 pm

The Vegueros from Pinar del Río qualified for the semi-finals after beating Sancti Spiritus 4-2 in the series. Photo: JIT

Where to watch Industriales vs. Pinar del Río game 1 LIVE?

To follow the exciting first game of the semi-final live between Industriales vs. Pinar del Riofans in Cuba can tune in to the signal Rebel TVThe live broadcast will begin at 2:00 pm (Cuban time) and will allow fans to enjoy every play of this crucial matchup.

Schedule for the semi-final between Industriales vs. Pinar del Río

  • Game 1 – Industriales vs. Pinar del Rio – Wednesday 10/07 – 2:00 p.m.
  • Game 2 – Industriales vs. Pinar del Rio – Thursday 11/07 – 2:00 p.m.
  • Game 3 – Pinar del Rio vs. Industriales – Saturday 13/07 – 6.30 pm
  • Game 4 – Pinar del Rio vs. Industriales – Sunday 14/07 – 4.00 pm
  • Game 5* – Pinar del Río vs. Industriales – Monday 15/07 – 6.30 pm
  • Game 6* – Industriales vs. Pinar del Rio – Wednesday 17/07 – 2.00 pm
  • Game 7* – Industriales vs. Pinar del Rio – Thursday 18/07 – 2.00 pm

Cuban timetables. *If necessary.

Schedule of the semifinals of the National Baseball Series. Photo: SNB

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