Gonzalo Núñez revealed that he fought with Jefferson Farfán over an unusual comparison with a dog in the middle of a match

Jefferson Farfan has been in the news in recent days after confessing that he had a tense altercation with Coki Gonzalez in 2015. This episode was revealed by the former Alianza Lima player in an interview he did with André Carrillo in the latest edition of the streaming program 'Enfocados', which he hosts with Roberto Guizasola. Later, the communicator gave more details of what happened and denied the version of 'La Foquita'. This issue has generated a series of repercussions and one of those who referred to it was Gonzalo Nunez.

The former host of América TV said that some time ago he also had a misunderstanding due to a comparison he made between the former footballer and a dog during a live broadcast. The incident dates back to when the Peruvian national team played the South American under-20 tournament.

What did Gonzalo Núñez say about the altercation he had with Jefferson Farfán?

“We were broadcasting the South American under-20 championship on América Televisión and a dog got into the game. Nobody could catch the dog. And the dog was black, they tried to catch it (and nothing). At that time I had just started working at América, so I made my comment: 'This (dog) has more dribbling than Farfán, ah'“Why did I say that? It was a joke,” said Gonzalo Núñez on the streaming program 'Erick y Gonzalo'.

The sports commentator said that he made that comment because of the animal's dribbling and not because of its color. Núñez said that if the dog was white he would have made that comparison anyway. He also said that the mother of the 'Foquita' mentioned what happened and then declared war on her, since after that she did not speak to her or give her an interview.

“There was a broken phone call, because his mother told Farfán: 'Núñez has compared you to a dog, and a black and scruffy dog ​​at that.' Then he declared war on me and never spoke to me again.”he added.

Gonzalo Núñez confessed that he apologized to Jefferson Farfán

After that, Gonzalo Núñez confessed that on a trip with the Peruvian team he looked for Jefferson Farfán at the hotel to apologize and Although the former Schalke 04 player forgave him, he assured that he never gave him an interview again.

“On a trip with the Peruvian national team when we went to play in Goiania against Brazil, I saw Farfán entering his room and I knocked on his door. He opened it, Jefferson came out and I said to him: 'I'm sorry for that word I said that time when I compared you to a dog that made your mother upset and you too. ' It was one of my first apologies. He told me there was no problem and that nothing was wrong, but he never gave me the interview and always looked at me sideways,” he narrated.

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